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Dig Me Out Dig Me In [2017]

graphite and watercolour on card  /  168 x 119 cm

A ruin and a marker. 

Communication across the centuries will only be fraught with difficulty. It’s impossible to predict linguistic evolution. So what do we do with the hazardous remnants of our current technological age? What happens to the (in some cases literal) fallout? Warnings may become legends, enticements - imply a site of mythical treasure or sanctity. Humans are curious. As the cautions of our era erode across millennia and leave vulnerable and dangerous places to ruin do we just hope for the best: that they remain uninvestigated mysteries? Maybe legends are all that future generations will have. We’d better make them good ones.  

Dig Me Out Dig Me In [2017]

BONUS IMAGE > artist/curator Alex Billingham & artist/fanzine editor Vicky Roden at Vivid Projects during Dig Me Out of the Woods, where this work was first shown. I contributed to the zine made especially for the exhibition - see here

Alex Billingham & Vicky Roden at Vivid Projects, Birmingham

Dig Me Out Dig Me In

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